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To obtain a California CCW License, you must first fill out a CCW application and submit it to the Issuing Agency (Police Chief or County Sheriff) of the jurisdiction in which you reside. If you live within the city limits, you have the choice of applying through the City Police Department or the County Sheriff's Department. You can obtain the application by downloading the application from their specific website or in person by going to the Police Station or Sheriff's Substation. Each Issuing Agency has their specific instructions which must be followed before returning the application for submission and review. Stay connected for 2021 updates.

***Once you've submitted your CCW Application, what will determine whether or not you get approved is your "Just Cause" statement. This is basically your reason(s) for needing a CCW License. What about you would place you in harms way or cause you to fall victim to a crime versus anyone else in the general public? You must also be able to pass the background check. Please note that CCW Instructors are prohibited from assisting you with generating your Just Cause statement(s), nor can we provide you with an assessment to tell you if it is good enough. Only the Issuing Agency can assess this.

Once approved, you will be notified by mail or phone. You will then have 90 days to take and successfully pass the 8-Hour Initial CCW Course.

Do not take the 8-Hour Initial CCW Course before submitting your CCW Application unless specifically directed to by your Issuing Agency. Taking the class before submitting your CCW Application does NOT give you any advantage and does NOT guarantee approval of your CCW Application.

California CCW's are valid for 2 years and a Refresher Course must be taken in order to renew your CCW. The Refresher Course is a minimum 4-Hour class and may be taken up to 60 days before your CCW License expires. Failure to renew before the expiration date of your CCW License will result in losing your ability to legally carry concealed and you will have to start the process from the beginning and reapply. In essence, you will lose your CCW License and must start the process all over again including resubmitting your CCW Application, having to retake the 8-Hour Initial Course, etc. You can find out more information here: http://www.kernsheriff.org/licensing.aspx